Dentist Near Asuncion

Here at Paso Robles Dental Care, we are very proud to offer a range of reliable, trustworthy and affordable dental procedures for the whole family. Whether it is restorative or cosmetic dentistry to emergency dentistry or general procedures, we do it all in an environment that is safe, friendly and comfortable.

Our experienced team are well experienced in working with people of all ages. It does not matter if it is checking those first initial teeth in toddlerhood to navigating the teenager years and braces or smile corrections, through to adulthood and issues with broken and damaged teeth, dentures and problems caused by tooth decay, we have got it covered.

We provide a family-focused environment to put everyone at ease. We know how important a set of teeth that are not only healthy but look and feel good is – we do now want to see anyone conscious about smiling or talking, or in too much pain to eat. Everyone deserves to have a great smile, and that is what our team at Paso Robles Dental Care want to do. 


About Asuncion

Asuncion is quietly tucked away in the scenic Central Coast of California. It is about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is a place oozing with small town rural charm thanks to its rich farming and agricultural history and culture. It has, in recent years, enjoyed a new lease of life as a favorite destination for wine lovers and foodies, all excited to come and appreciate the seasonal fare.

The area attracts those who love the great outdoors thanks to the temperate climate. Cyclists and golfers especially love visiting Asuncion, California, but what it is really known for is its wine. There are over 200 wineries in the area and more than 32, 000 acres of planted grapes. 

There are plenty of things to see and do in the town after visiting your dentist near Asuncion city: Paso Robles, California. Head to ‘the park’ in the downtown area to check out the majestic oak trees of the area as well as checking out the weekly farmers market and annual olive fair. In the summer months, attend the Friday night concerts and one of the largest outdoor wine festivals in the state – the Paso Robles wine festival, usually held in May. 

Head further into town to the Carnegie Library or the Pioneer Museum, where you can find an oyster fossil dating back more than 45 million years. If exploring the wild is more your thing, there is plenty to do on the west side of the town – scenic country roads where, if you are lucky, you might just spot a wild turkey, a hawk soaring in the sky or the occasional shy bobcat or fox.

If you are looking for a dentist near Asuncion city: Paso Robles, California, head to Paso Robles Dental Care. contact us today on (805) 237 – 773, send us an email at or drop in and say hello to the team and find out they can help with all of your dental needs.