About Paso Robles Dental Care

Paso Robles Dental Care is a dental practice in California that is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality solution to all of your dentistry needs. The first thing that you will notice about us here at Paso Robles Dental Care is that we are a friendly, warm and welcoming environment, so even those who are afraid of the dentist can feel at ease when they walk through our doors. We can even offer some solutions for those of you who are absolutely terrified of the dentist to make the visit more manageable. 

All of the services offered here are carried out to the highest possible standard, and all of our patients are happy with the work that we provide. Each and every one of our dentists are highly qualified, which is how you know that you are getting the best possible care that you will find anywhere in Paso Robles. Ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied with the service they receive, and not settling for anything less than excellence is what makes our dentist practice so special!

About Wellsona


There are so many things that you can do is Wellsona, and one of the things that this place is well known for is the many wineries that are on offer. You can visit Plummer Vineyard, R N Estate Vineyard and Winery, and Riverstar Vineyards and so many more incredible places like this. If you are a bit of an avid wine drinker, then you should certainly check out some of the spectacular wineries around like the three that we have just mentioned above. Try some of the most incredible wine that you have ever tasted, and in some places, you can even get a wonderful meal to go with it!

Paso Robles Pioneer Museum

If you have ever wondered what life was like in the pioneer days, why not head down to the Paso Robles Pioneer Museum? Paso Robles is only a short drive from Wellsona. This museum has a one-room schoolhouse, a 2 cell jail replica and many other exhibits that show you what it was like to live in the pioneer days. There is so much to see and do, and this can be a fun day out for anyone involved. Whether you want to take your kids out to do something a little different, or you just want to explore a little more of the gorgeous area, this is certainly something that you should consider.

Barney Schwartz Park

Or, if hills, picnic spots and lakes are more your kind of thing, then you should head down to the Barney Schwartz Park. This provides beautiful scenery to anyone who visits, so if you are an avid photographer, this is definitely a place for you to consider. Head out for a lovely day of breathtaking views, wonderful walks along the lake and then enjoy a nice picnic at the end when everyone is tired from all that walking. It really is something that you don’t want to miss out on in Paso Robles.