Who should consider a sedation option?

Is fear of the dentist or a previous poor experience keeping you from scheduling a dental visit? We offer three types of sedation to put even the most phobic of patients at ease… it truly can be as easy as sleeping through your dental visit! Consult with us prior to your appointment and carefully consider your medical history and current health. With these factors in mind, your doctor can help find the level of sedation that works for you. 

You may want to consider sedation if:

  • You are fearful or anxious of dental treatment and dental instruments
  • Local anesthetics do not have a numbing effect on you
  • You have a sensitive gag reflex
  • You suffer from any health issues, such as neck or back pain, which could lead to discomfort while sitting in a dentist’s chair

* Please remember to have a friend or family member with you on the day of your appointment to drive you home. 

IV Sedation:

Safe, reliable and comfortable, IV conscious sedation is performed in our office by our trusted Dental Anesthesiologist, Dr. Erik Winn. It truly can make any visit an enjoyable one.

It’s not just patients with anxiety who can benefit. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, suffer from neck or back pain, or have TMD (or another neuromuscular disorder), IV conscious sedation may be right for you as well.

IV sedation can give you the confidence you need to get necessary or elective dental procedures without feeling the fear that usually keeps you from doing so.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is the use of oral medication in combination with nitrous oxide to achieve an appropriate level of relaxation so that you can calmly receive the dental care you need. The entire process is simple and comfortable.

Your doctor will advise you as to when you should take the medication (usually the night before your dental appointment). Accompanied by a responsible friend or family member, you’ll arrive at our office more rested and relaxed. If needed, nitrous oxide will be given to further relax you during the appointment, and an experienced sedation dentistry team will monitor your vital signs during the procedure. Your friend or family member will accompany you home once your dental work is complete. The effects of the sedative should subside by the following day. It is wise to have a friend or relative stay with you until the medication wears off.

Although your dental procedures may take hours, you may feel as if they take only minutes. Some patients become so relaxed that they fall asleep in the dentist’s chair. Sedation medications have an amnesic effect, so you’ll have few, if any, memories of the visit.


Oral conscious sedation can give you the peace of mind you need in order to undergo dental work. You may enjoy better overall health, an improved self-image and better quality of life with a healthy, beautiful smile. 


Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a mild sedative that promotes a stress-free experience. Patients inhale nitrous oxide through a nose cone. The doctor will control the amount of nitrous oxide you receive to ensure your comfort and safety. You will begin to relax and not recognize pain, so the doctors can perform treatments while you remain comfortable. Nitrous oxide is safe for patients of all ages, and its effects subside immediately so you can enjoy activities as usual after you leave the dental office.